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We are back with a larger capacity, uniting the marvels of wildlife under one roof You'll enjoy incredible experiences across 6

subzones and witness the endangered Red Panda in a genuinely astonishing reality for the first time in the Middle East

WWE Presents Crown Jewel at Mohammed Abdo Arena, on Saturday November 4, 2023

Featuring WWE’s biggest Superstars, and 16-time World Champion, John Cena

An immersive interactive cinematic museum to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in history.

The museum will be debuting the "Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience"

From Cristiano Ronaldo's signature, a great experience has emerged. Inside CR7 Signature Museum you’ll find Cristiano’s career timeline and most important

his collective and individual awards. See the Ballon d’Or, The Golden Boot, the Champions League Cup and many more exceptional achievements

The Boulevard Riyadh City area is one of the most important destinations of the Riyadh season

It contains several events. It is the largest sustainable Entertainment hub in the season

The Castle is a live musical experience that brings you closer than ever to the iconic music of Disney’s beloved animated worlds

Tickets are sold by entry time. Tickets are for a two-hour stay from the time you arrive.